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Auto Dealers get Quality Website Traffic from Search Engine Optimized Landing Pages

Real Traffic Landing Pages
A landing page is the first page a user sees when they click on one of your advertising links. Some people believe that their home page is their landing page, however this is not necessarily the best approach. A landing page should be tailored towards one of your profit centers or products and services. The main goal of a landing page is to produce a conversion, whether it is a sign up, a sale or even just a lead. The hurdle is to get the user to your page quick to avoid "Search Rage" which occurs in about 13 to 18 minutes, by then the user Disappears. The cause is from; slow bandwidth, ill matched results in search engines, navigation maze to get to the results desired, etc...

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There are several key areas to focuses on when creating our landing pages - Top 3:

  1. Keep it simple, straight to the point.
  2. Include elements of the advertising used to drive traffic to the page. (Complement your Advertising) For example advertising used to get them to the page was "Employee Pricing" you would want to include these words somewhere on the page.
  3. Conversion, use Strong call to action - Include your phone number and email address or make sure you have a form to collect users information to follow up later on.

Here are Some Common Mistakes of Landing Pages - Avoid These:

  1. The page is too cluttered - this is distracting to users and may detour your conversion.
  2. The page is too broad - Users must be able to see what you offer within the first 5 seconds of landing on your page.
  3. Too many links away from the page - don't have links to other websites and especially keep advertising to an absolute minimum.

Landing pages can be a great way for your business to grow and increase sales. Design your page carefully, keeping it simple and to the point. 
Optimal Search Engine Positioning requires a persistent approach that is well integrated with your Design, Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing Strategies. You can create your own flow of Quality Leads direct from your Web Site. Build a Page for a specific Profit Center then keep adding pages for Products. ADD, ADD, ADD more Landing Pages, building depth.

The stronger the focus of the Landing Page the better Keyword Ranking or Placement the page will get, Resulting in the user finding a relevant match quick, no rage, the user converts to a lead.  In which will be a much stonger lead then when it is from a third party lead vendor, which may have distributed the same users information to other competing dealerships and lead vendors. This beats up the lead and exposes third party products as well.
Getting more RESULTS!
Search Engines get their listings by sending out automated "spiders". These spiders go to each site, follow every link, and index what they find in the engine's results. This is where Real Traffic Landing Pages come in! Your Website should consist off search engine friendly product targeted focus pages called Landing Pages. These pages are built from your Most Popular Keywords as targets. Templates do not work here. Demographics dictate the difference in keyword trends in each market by each franchise. The Results? More listings in the search engines! This means more self-qualified traffic to your website. Quite simply, Landing Pages place well in the search engines and GET MORE RESULTS! Rewarding the user with less time spent searching for results; Driving Down the Cost Per Lead & Increasing Lead Quality!

Landing pages:

  • Keyword Analysis: Popular Keywords / Day Words
  • Crawler Enabled Website Engineering
  • Website Content Keyword Matching, Text On Web Site
  • Register & Submit to Search Engines Directly to be Crawled / Cataloged & Indexed
  • Focused traffic is recieved - Self Qualified
  • Search Engine Placement Management & Reporting Page by Page 

Benefits of Search Engine Friendly - Landing Pages

  • Generate Real Traffic
  • Provides customers with a soft landing to avoid search engine rage
  • Consumer Finds More Fccurate Results in a Shorter Period of Time
  • Complements your Current Advertising On and Ofline
  • Reduction in the overall Cost Per Lead
  • Potential Customer is Only Influenced by your Products
  • Ultimately Increase Conversions

Ultimately Search Engine Visibility/Positioning depends on the website content along with the Search Engines Algorithms they use to rank a site based on key phrases. This is an ever-changing world of technology, but with the proper knowledge obtained from the source, hand-posting and the careful watch of the Search Engines and Directories, Top Visibility Positioning is Achievable.

Take advantage of a low-cost method of Driving Real Traffic to your Web Site get the Information you need now.

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